What shapes our choices in career paths?
I was in sixth grade. My Dad was working his way up the company ladder. My part was to learn a new school system making new friends. You see we had moved for the third time in his advancement through the company. We had moved to a location from which he could commute each morning by train. The company headquarters was in NYC, located in Madison Square Garden. I was excited now longer an Indians fan I became a Yankee fan. But this was Pre-George and they were terrible!

It was the era when the world got serious about fighting over oil. Opec raised the prices; the world economy began to slow and then lines to buy gas grew. The government instituted gas rationing. And all of a sudden my Dad lost his job! What? In that era, this did not happen. You stayed with the same company for life. If you were any good, they kept giving you more responsibility and often a new position. That was precisely my Dad’s career path. He began stocking in a shipping warehouse for the company. By the first oil crisis, he was an executive overseeing a division of the company and participating in international trade with them. The company was a supplier of the automotive industry and the economic downturn hit them hard in the ’70s. Laid off, Let Go and Down Sizing are all terms that apply; they were just unheard of then.

Bad hours and I am sure poor pay with time to think motivated him to venture out on his own. He started his own home improvement company and never looked back. New skills to increase his value to the market were a must. I know the first few years were a struggle for him. There was a learning curve to navigate and master. From a corporate job to the business owner is a significant change. He was not dependant on a boss to give him a job. He created his own.

Career Changes

This scenario is no longer an unusual story. According to career change statistics, The average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life. With an ever-increasing number of career choices, 30% of the workforce will now change careers or jobs every 12 months.

I have personally experienced this watching my Dad’s career and on my own. I have remolded my direction several times and it continues to this day. As I am preparing for another phase of life I have turned back to focus on our Family Business.

Who Am I?

        Hi, my name is Jon Condit. My family business is the Salt Mine Group. Our Online presence is The Saltminegrouponline. One of our ventures is helping the Boomers increase their retirement income, and; Here you are.

     This blog will chronicle the venture with others to increase their success online and develop their Family Business. I hope you will check back each week and view our progress. Our struggles and successes are wins and losses. I will try to have you in mind looking over my shoulder as an apprentice virtuoso. Leave me some comments as to your impressions or feelings. What would you do differently? Where do you agree? How are we doing it right in your mind? How is it going wrong? Let’s have some fun.

      My day job has been as a Family Physician for over 30 years. I love taking care of my patients. We struggle through issues together. We also try to have some fun while doing it. Stories I have! Maybe at some point, I will share. This blog is about a portion of my family’s business. After all, aren’t families suppose to be about the family business?

The Family Business

For me, it’s about positioning my self for retirement years, thinking about what I can do for my family in my next efforts. I am developing an ongoing asset that will be carried by other family members into the future. I will create options for us as a family.

Line of Bills by President

This venture is not dependant on W2 earnings but having our source of family revenue. Think of it as the garden out back that your mom made you help with as you were growing up. We are just planting Jackson, Franklins, and Jeffersons in our family garden. Did you know Madison is on the $5000 note? Pick a few of those for date night and see how it goes! Woody is on the 100K gold. We are still shooting for that one.

 Here We Go